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Our composers and producers have made music for a number of film and TV productions.

They have education and experience in composing, music production and directing and aim to deliver a sound image that merges with the action. Our composers / producers have among other things delivered music to these companies:

BBC, TV2, MTV, VH-1, Discovery Channel, Animal Planet, History Channel, ABC, NBC, A&E, NIKE, Bug AS, CreaCon Entertainment and others.


Make Music supplies dubbing and voiceovers for film and TV and has worked with some of Norway’s best actors.

City of Friends – TV2, TV4, BBC ...

City of Friends is an animation series developed and produced in Norway by Vennebyen and aired across the world. We have scored (composed) and dubbed several episodes and live-shows.

Actors: Morten Røhrt, Monica Hjelle, Eirik del Barco Soleglad, Andreas Holt, Christine Hope among others.

Composers: Jørn Lavoll & John Vegard Schow

Dubbing director: Jørn Lavoll
Studio producer: Vegard Schow

Lotte from Gadgetville

Casting, instruction and dubbing of cinema film with display all over Norway.

Actors: Kristoffer Joner, Johannes Joner, Helge Jordal, Anya Rasmussen, Christine Hope, Singing performed by Christine Sandtorv

Dubbing director: Jørn Lavoll
Studio producer: Vegard Schow


Children’s animation series with 64 episodes.

Actors: Pål Rønning, Irene Ahnell and more children

Dubbing director: Jørn Lavoll
Studio producer: Vegard Schow


NRK1: Several voiceovers for the program ‘Ut i Naturen’

E-learning: Voiceover and actors to many training courses for companies including:

Sound Design

Make Music has produced sound design for several TV productions.

Our experienced sound designers know what it takes to create a sound image that works and highlights the action.

We most famously worked on City of Friends (Vennebyen) which has been sold to 180 countries.

We can provide Songwriting and Mixing & Mastering services.